Our Mission

We believe in the extraordinary power of live theatre, so we challenge ourselves to engage and inspire audiences by producing work that reflects upon the human experience and is accessible, relevant, timely and well-told. We strive to enhance this vital work by surrounding it with innovative education programs of excellence, partnerships that spur economic activity and increase well-being, and deeply integrated outreach opportunities.

Our Vision

We see our organization centered as a vital force within a thriving Ellenville / Wawarsing community and beyond. We look to establish a place for our organization’s voice within the greater theatrical conversation, and we envision our constituents enjoying the rewards of our having deepened SHADOWLAND’s engagement with our diverse community.

Our Values


We take seriously our responsibility as the stewards of both public and private funds as well as the public’s trust. We pledge to operate our organization on a model grounded in resourcefulness, resilience, honesty, transparency and sustainability – always striving to marry our mission with our means.


We are proud that our organization has been an anchor institution in the revitalization of our area, and so we endeavor to leverage that leadership to further fuel our position as an economic engine of Ellenville / Wawarsing. Similarly, we take seriously the responsibility inherent in our position as our area’s primary storyteller, and aspire to create work that sparks dialogue and discourse.


We respect artists and audiences, so we strive to create a warm and welcoming place for all to gather and enjoy inclusive, considered, and considerate programming. We recognize that in our approach to diversity and equity, we must always start from a place of humility.


We place a high value on igniting the power of live theatre in current and future generations of theatre makers and audiences. In order to be most effective in this work we aim to create a culture of curiosity (which sparks empathy), authenticity (which sparks trust), and creativity (which sparks joy).


We know that although our organization is deeply rooted in the fabric of our community’s history, we are but one part of what makes our area special. Taking our cue from our highly collaborative art form, we will always seek to build partnerships, alliances and affiliations that contribute to our organization’s work so we can add their strengths to our projects (thereby adding value to our programs).


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