Shadowland Theatre was founded as an outgrowth of Cooperative Artists, a collective of 35 theatre artists working together in New York City in the early to mid-1980s. The members of Cooperative Artists moved en masse to Ellenville in 1984-85 when the vacant, art-deco Shadowland Theatre building was made available to the group as a home base.

With the support of the community, the Cooperative Artists restored, revived and reopened the Shadowland Theatre as a professional playhouse on June 1st, 1985.

And they were:


Elizabeth Belcastro
Mary Lou Childs
Matt Durkan
Traci Goodney
Jon Hopkins
Cecil Liebmann
Wayne McDonald
Jeff Poetzel
Kate Warne

Susan Brownell
Martin Davis
Tina Eberle
Vesa Hames
Ray Ivey
Jeff Livingston
Maggie Moore
Diane Solyts
Doug Webb

Robyn Casperson
Gail Dennison
Greg Franklin
Diana Harris
George Kulp
Ron Marquette
Pam Penenberg
Andy Walter

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